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“Welcome to my notebook, the place where I find my truth.” ~ Sang Ji

Sang Ji is a poet from the suburbs of London whose writing reflects her journey of soul-searching and finding a sense of freedom in the world.

Her story is different – perhaps because her vision is different. This is why she was invited to be one of a hundred women to write their opinion on the meaning of economic empowerment for United Nations Women’s Empower (Wo)men publication presented to the UN Secretary General in 2017.

Lawyer and human rights advocate turned author, writer, poet and travelling artist. Sang Ji’s work  can be described as a blend of spiritual philosophy meets perspective of 21st century fun-loving city girl. Through her work can be witnessed a love for the simple things in life (hot baths, a glass of wine with a piece of cake), an affinity with nature and a strong belief in love, following dreams and hope for a better world. Yet she is serious. Sang is defiant in telling the truth about matters close to her heart and her writing questions until she reaches clarity that satisfies both her lawyer mind and idealist heart.

Sang Ji’s work reflects the inevitable interplay of gender, culture, society and spirituality of the modern day world, revealing how they are often at odds with one another, leaving people at odds with themselves. Expressing in her own style, she challenges norms and ideologies encouraging others to do the same so that they are free to be themselves.

She believes that words give strength, courage and faith to carve one’s own path. For Sang, writing revealed her vision and she eventually built the courage to follow her heart’s desires. Her own writing led her from a legal and human rights career to starting a publishing house, Opera on Sarovar Press, releasing four books in three years, and to touring the Caribbean working with other artists.

With appearances on BBC Radio London, Sikhnet channel, Southall and Luton Mela, Windsor Arts Poets for Change, Cheltenham Literary Festival and The Bookclub London, she has been making the rounds. All this whilst navigating a publishing business single handedly, holding writing workshops, writing new material and planning a move across continents. Of course Sang makes time to enjoy the little blessings in life.

Her latest projects include writing for London based League of Punjabis, and the creation of an alternative writing course aimed at connecting people with their true voice to write with deeper expression. It is titled ‘Rebel Writer’s Course’ and is due to be released in the summer of 2019, with limited places available for one to one writing coaching. Sang currently lives and writes in the Caribbean – she is the girl at the beach, notebook and pen in hand – you can follow her journey on Instagram @sangs_notebook and reading her live journal here


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